Setting Arrangements

Core Subjects

SubjectsSetting Arrangements
English and RSSet by ability (with some mixed ability teaching) with English taking the lead on setting.
Maths, Science and PESet by ability with maths and science taking the lead on setting.

Students who opt for separate sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) are taught together for science.

Option Subjects
Where there is only one option group in a year group this will have a mixed ability intake. However, some subjects will have two or more groups and these will be set by ability where possible.

English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects at GCSE
As a school, we are committed to offering a curriculum which provides a broad, balanced, relevant and personalised learning experience for all our students. It should also help to deliver outstanding achievement for all. However, we also need to ensure that it provides as strong a foundation as possible for future progression.

The government, employers and universities have recognised that while it is important to offer students a curriculum which meets their needs and interests, it also crucial that doors are not closed off to them in terms of future progression; for example, for students hoping to go to university. As a result, the government has created a performance measure for schools which records the proportion of students who achieve a good grade (C or above) in the following subjects: English, mathematics, sciences (two or more), history or geography and a language. These have been termed the ‘EBacc subjects’.

The governors have therefore taken the decision that almost all students are required to opt for at least one additional EBacc subject (as well as the core curriculum of English Language, mathematics and double science). These subjects from which our students can choose are listed below:

•    Computer Science
•    Geography
•    History
•    Modern Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish)
•    Separate Science (biology, chemistry and physics)

Students are able to use choose freely for their remaining three options. They are, of course, able to choose further EBacc subjects as part of these remaining choices. It should be noted, as outlined below, that all students currently studying two languages at Key Stage 3 (French and German or French and Spanish) are required to opt for a language at GCSE.

Languages at GCSE

We believe that it is in the best interests of students that they continue to study a foreign language at GCSE level. As a result, all students who are currently following dual language courses in Year 9 (French and Spanish or French and German) will be required to continue at least one of their current languages at GCSE level. In addition, we also encourage students who have a talent for languages to continue to study both French and German or Spanish. Students who study one language in Year 9 are equally encouraged to continue to study French as a GCSE option.

Alternative Curriculum Provision

While we believe that the requirement to opt for at least one EBacc subject is appropriate for the vast majority of students at Gillotts School, we are aware that it may not be suitable for everyone. Each year we identify a small number of students for whom alternative curriculum provision may be more appropriate to their needs and interests.

These students study for GCSEs in English, Mathematics, and Science Double Award. They also follow the Skillforce programme which allows students to work towards a range of qualifications and awards including the Duke of Edinburgh Award, ASDAN Bronze Award and First Aid. The aim is to provide a curriculum which is challenging but enjoyable, helping to develop wider skills such as team building and working with others.

Skillforce is a whole day programme and is equivalent to three option choices. The students who follow this course are able to choose a further option from the list in the table below.

What option courses are currently offered in Key Stage 4?
The table below lists the current option courses which are available in Key Stage 4:

Art & DesignDramaMusic
Business StudiesGeographyPE
ComputingHistorySeparate Sciences
DanceMFL - FrenchSociology
DT – Food TechnologyMFL – German
DT – Resistant MaterialsMFL - Spanish
Vocational courses
BTEC Children’s Play. Learning & DevelopmentBTEC Workskills
Other courses

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